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This is where new sets and equipment will be listed.


Some will be temporary additions whilst others permenant

Graveyard Set with Crypt

We have recently added a brand new set for all those lovers of Halloween, Horror, Zombie, Walking Dead and cosplay fans. With loads of available props and the smoke machine to add atmosphere the opportunities to create stunning unique images are endless. We have full sized gravestones and a full size crypt you can get into. We also have a hand made coffin.


Brand New Waterfall Set

We now how a brand new waterfall set specially built for photography. Available for hire this 20ft high waterfall is perfect for the shots you always wanted without the trek across mountains. Models can get behind the water, in front, to the sides, there is a splash pool at the bottom as well and rock shelves at the sides for seating.

We have off camera flash stands, flsh triggers and soft boxes to use as part of the rental. The waterfall is right next to the studio so the models can quickly get warm, have a shower and a hot drink.

Photgraph supplied courtesy of Steve Delaney and his model the lovely Claire Topaz.


We now have a new Hot tub set in place. Green screen available for the backdrop or natural brash wood surround. One of the first shoots involved a Spanish Rock group called stop stop who were shooting their album cover.

Have you ever wanted to create spectacular Images like they do in the movies?
Well nows your chance...
We have linked with Trinity FX. A local, award winning, special effects company,
Fully licenced and able to provide a wide array of special effects from High density smoke, Coloured smoke, flames and explosions. They will work with you here to create that special image for you and your models portfolio.
On top of this we have our own smoke and snow machine for hire.
Why not collaborate as a small group for the day, pool your finances to create Unique images in our studio or outdoor space.

Trinity also hire out a large array of weapons.

Check out Trinity’s website and get your creative juices flowing.

(photograph taken by myself at the Weak13 music video Wake down set using Trinity special effects)
WEAK13- Wake Down (search to watch finished film on You Tube)
Directed By: Chris Stone
Produced By: Craig Leonard
Special Effects: Matt Harley Trinity FX
Music Written and Performed By: Nick J. Townsend
Photography by Mark Roberts.
© Mark H Roberts 2010


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